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You've heard about statistics. Have you ever wondered what you can do with them?

Most statistics books bury you in math.  Thinking Through Statistics is different. It helps everyone, even those who hate math, use statistics to answer such important social questions as:


What causes crime and social disorder?


Who is wealthy and who is not?


How do people’s religious views influence their politics?

Such questions call for good statistical analysis. This book shows you:


How to identify the kinds of data you can use to answer such questions.


How to organize that data to generate answers.


Which statistical techniques to apply.


How to interpret the results.

Each chapter is built around one or more extended examples. These help you learn how to think through an entire problem. Together with the its companion Sociological Insights Software (free for downloading: visit page or  click here to download directly) the book leads you step by step through the process of statistical reasoning.

By the time you have finished the final chapter, you are handling complex problems with ease.

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